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“I understood American Foreign Policy in Iraq from the practical standpoint: I lived it! ”

I hope this political platform will serve to supplement the work of the mainstream American media. You and I both know… They need all the help they can get 🙂

My bio is coming soon. But for now, you can enjoy reading about me by clicking the web links below

Pressing into History’s Footnotes

Three Adjectives that Define Me

Origin of the name Ninos

“I feel that there is more to Ninos that just his linguistic ability; indeed his intelligence and political intuition sets him apart from his peers makes SimonMayallhim suitable for much wider employability, as his previous experience as a senior level computer consultant shows. He has proved himself capable of understanding and articulating complex strategic concepts and issues that directly affect the future of Iraq and the wider region. I have often relied on his good judgment and analysis to both inform and, as a result, influence my decisions. Any employer would be most fortunate to have Ninos Youkhana on their team”

Major General Simon Mayall