To Those Anglos Who Support Miss Cockroach

I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” Evelyn Beatrice Hall

I wasn’t born in America; hence, English doesn’t speak me. I had to learn English grammar. One of those grammar rules is names don’t get translated. Well, I’ll break this rule and translate the last name of Linda Sarsour.

Sarsour in Arabic means Cockroach.

Using the American custom of referring to people with their last name, I’ll refer to Linda as Miss Cockroach.   


It baffles me to see Anglos support this woman. I can understand Allah, but I cannot understand what Anglos are thinking when it comes to this issue. I cannot fathom how Anglos stand in solidarity with Miss Cockroach. I’m dumbfounded.

By now if you don’t know of Miss Cockroach or have not heard of her, let me give you a one-sentence background.

Miss Cockroach obtained US national attention during the Women’s March against Trump on the 21st of January after the presidential inauguration. She has problems with President Trump, maybe one of those problems is his being a womanizer.

I don’t have a problem with Miss Cockroach protesting against our President. It’s her right.

But I have a major problem with her going around America promoting Sharia Law nationally and complaining about 22 US States that are opposing Sharia. It takes a lot of effrontery, while Muslims complaining of Sharia Laws in Arab Nations, Miss Cockroach is promoting it in US.

To stand in solidarity with Miss Cockroach is to stand for the Sharia Law. To stand for Sharia Law is to stand for beating women; female genital mutilation; publicly flogging women, segregation of women; the cutting off of hands, and allowing girls to be married as early as the age of fifteen. There are these same laws in Saudi Arabia.

This is exactly what Al-Qaeda implemented when it took over Ramadi in Iraq.

These Sharia Laws are the same laws that ISIS implemented on Christians in Mosul, Iraq. And their condition was either convert or pay tax, if they don’t pay tax, they get beheaded.

These are the same Laws that don’t let Jewish people live in Arab nations. These are the same Laws that are making Christians leave the Middle East just as the Jews did.

You see, I understand Miss Cockroach. It’s her religion. And she has the right to defend her religion. She has the right to promote her religion. She has the right to immigrate to US just like I did. I’m pro-immigration as well.

But if Miss Cockroach is advocating Sharia Law in America, she must allow her husband to marry three more times. She must allow her husband to flog her in public. She must allow her daughter to marry at the age of fifteen.

Take this as an example, as I’m writing this post, an Iraqi Al-Sumaria TV News app flashed this headline on my iPhone.

In Basra (Iraq) .. registration of underage (15) marriage reached 1,528 case in 2016

I see no point in quoting Sharia Laws or Quranic verses for an Anglo. Because, it is my belief that no matter what you tell an Anglo, he or she will never believe you. Until they taste the pain of living in one of the Arab nations under Sharia Law, otherwise it’s “mission impossible” to convince an Anglo. They simply can’t believe it. 

In the words of Sheikh Ayad Jamal Aldin: “Political Islam is a principle that is more dangerous and destructive than Nazism and Communism.

We all have a role to play on our social networks: to like, to comment, and to share ideas that stands against these ideologies.

I feel sorry for men and women who have died and continue to die to secure freedom for Miss Cockroach so that she can promote her Sharia Law in America. If we allow promoting Sharia Law, we might as well start accepting people who are promoting Nazism. They have the right to free speech as well. Correct?

Shall I allow my son to join the U.S. Army, and risk his life, so Miss Cockroach can promote her Sharia Law in America?  

It’s wiser to educate my son and help him join an intellectual army to speak up against people like Miss Cockroach. And to stand in in solidarity with gallant people who write inimitable books like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Mona Eltahawy, and with Muslims looking to reform Islam like Sheikh Ayad Jamal Aldin, and with former Muslims like Brother Rachid, and all those who write articles and blogs against Miss Cockroach’s ideology.


The majority of people who will like this post on social media are the plebeians Christians from the Middle East. As for Anglos, probably not even one will like my post on LinkedIn. Because, unfortunately, they truly don’t understand. 

One of the English words I learned is Kibitzer, offering unwanted advice or comment. And that is how those Anglos make me feel. They truly don’t listen either.