A rising threat bigger than al-Qaeda and ISIS is on the rise in America

The Lebanese ladies are on the rise. Opps!!! Sorry FOX-ies

My colleague and I were discussing American security issues over lunch. It came to our attention that the subject could be a matter of national security. We felt the American public should be aware of it. And, it must be addressed to our congress. It is our naïve assessment to estimate its threat to be bigger than al-Qaeda and ISIS combined.

Fortunately, al-Qaeda and ISIS don’t have a weapon as powerful as this (Barbarians treated their women even better than ISIS and al-Qaeda). In light of a recent development, our beloved American actor George Clooney’s heart has been kidnaped by a Lebanese girl. Let me remind our American public a Lebanese woman kidnapped another important American man. David Petraeus, the former Director of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), resigned because he was caught in a love triangle with a Lebanese woman and biographer. Neither of them were his wife. Poor him, he was hopping to run for the U.S. presidency.

For the sake of our American FOX-ies, we feel for you, we are asking our congress to stop issuing VISAs to Lebanese women!

Don’t worry!…We are on alert and watching to protect the next man from the Lebanese’s magic.

We will do our best to protect America’s precious national resources.

May God be with you during your hardship and struggle…