I am sorry Saddam…A nation longing for leadership or dictatorship?


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“And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake” Mark 13:13

It feels like Jesus said it now to us, and not 2,000 years ago. It seems like a prophecy gets fulfilled many times during history and not only once. Apparently it has no expiration.

First of all, I must say the following: I have been a direct beneficiary of the invasion of Iraq in the form of job opportunities as a linguist contractor. Second, I have deep respect for all the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the “mission” in Iraq. I mean no disrespect. In fact the opposite. It is for their SAKE, and the sake of Christians who have suffered by the hands of ISIS, I am writing this blog. I feel all 10 years worth of American and Iraqi lives lost have been wasted. The American investment is bankrupted in Iraq now.

Lately, I find myself on an emotional roller coaster. I am thinking about a dictator whom I hated for 17 years, and now I feel I owe him an apology. I have a deep emotional and mental struggle inside me about this. I cannot believe myself for having feelings of guilt for hating him. I feel I owe him an apology for hating him. I used to express my hate for him publicly, and now, I am publicly saying…

I am Sorry Saddam Hussein. And, “Thank You” for doing me the biggest favor in my life…

I am saying “sorry”, because I question whether he was right on his policy in dealing with Iraq. Maybe he was the right person protecting Iraqis from the tsunami of evil that flooded Iraq. I remember back in school, I was taught that: “Iraq is the Middle Eastern Gate”. I didn’t understand it then. Now, I do!


Approximately 10 years ago in Chicago, I was involved in a big verbal fight with someone for his stand in defending Saddam’s actions and policies in Iraq. I stood my ground and I was passionately arguing against Saddam’s position. The fight was so bad, I ended up calling the FBI on him. (True Story!)

In July 2014, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) commanded that all Christians convert to Islam, pay taxes, or leave Mosul – an Iraqi Sunni province that has collapsed. They have burned all the churches, raped Christian women, and took possession of Christian properties. They are raping women in their homes in front of their families in the name of ALLAH/God!

Sadly, my voice and feelings mirror most of the educated, elite, and many more Iraqis (Christians and Muslims). I am writing this blog from Iraq. I interact with Iraqis from different levels of society, even those from Shia’s stronghold of Sadr City. The current government’s policies, lead by PM Nori al-Maliki for the past eight years and more, have made people long for Saddam’s days. The majority of people are now comparing Saddam’s days with current days, and saying there were better off under Saddam. A nation that suffered under Saddam’s regime is now longing for his days. All in the name of the “Price of Democracy”.

The current government of Iraq has people cursing their lives and the day they born in Iraq. People have witnessed actions by Iraqi politicians far beyond Saddam’s actions. The level of corruption, bribery, and abuse of power by all Iraqi politicians has BY FAR surpassed Saddam’s level. The new “democracy” has given birth to a new breed of “politicians” that has made a dictator, an angel compare to them.

Here are a few examples, including: The son of an Iraqi minister of transportation, missed his flight in Beirut, Lebanon. His father forced the Lebanese airline to return to Lebanon from Baghdad by not allowing the plane to land in Iraq without his son. And the reason for that was: “He was late half an hour and the plane should have waited for him.”


ISIS Militants Order Iraqi Females to Undergo Genital Mutilation

ISIS Destroys Jonah’s Tomb In Mosul, Iraq, As Militant Violence Continues

I am extremely disappointed by the silence of Obama’s Administration on the topic of Christian persecution in Iraq. It seems Mr. Obama is more concerned about NOT offending Muslims than of defending Christians. I was expecting him at least to acknowledge it publicly. Muslims around the world have condemned such action, but NOT our President. What a disgrace!

During my work in Iraq around 2006/7, I remember informing an American Army two-star general that we (Americans) should go and ask Saddam for advice. Saddam was being held prisoner by American forces. Iraqis wanted him back to put him on trial to execute him. Iraq was at the highest level of sectarian violence and civil war.

And NOW…After 11 years, Iraq was better off during Saddam’s regime.

I can imagine Saddam alive now looking at us and saying to us: “Do you miss me now?” …”Was I right in how I handled Iraq?”

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