How will I Explain it to my Child?


First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”                          -Mahatma Gandhi

My child,

I want you to know that I was proud to vote for Donald Trump. I cast my vote from our homeland, Iraq. I rarely ever voted.  In fact, I had only voted once in twenty years. I knew my absentee vote wouldn’t count in Illinois for being a Democratic state, but I voted for Trump to make a statement and would be happy to serve him in Iraq.

Trump made me deeply feel that I wish I were born in America. He truly inspired me. The story of President Trump is the greatest success story in the history of mankind. It’s the story of Man versus the World.

Trump was never a politician to begin with from start. His own Republican party was against him. Paul Ryan, the speaker of the house, was against him. The two previous Republican presidents were against him. President Obama kept repeating that Trump would never be a president. All the intellectuals and political experts were against him. And most importantly, the American media was against him. But the man kept saying: “TRUST me, we are going to win and win big” and nobody believed him. He was right!

He won and he won big.

“But dad…He was a racist and a bigot…and many people didn’t like him.”

“No Son!”…The same people who voted for a president with the name Hussein voted for Trump. This is the media and lobbyist sponsored by corporations trying to brainwash the public for their self-interest. Those people are the same people who filter out resumes for not having an American sounding name. And these are the same companies who pay a white person more than a non-white.

“But dad…Muslims don’t like him.”

“No son!…It depends on which Muslim you ask . For example, many Muslims in Iraq like him because he berated Saudi Arabia. My Muslim friends whom I drank with like him.”

“Daaad!….” “Hear me to the end, child”

I couldn’t understand how Muslims voted for Hillary. Muslims are ultra-conservatives. A vote for Hillary is a vote for gay rights. Islam is against gays. Muslims abjure gay rights in their religion and culture. Being gay in a Muslim family is an insult. Thus the same Muslims who voted for Hillary rejected her because she wanted to put a man in woman’s bathroom. So I was surprise that Muslims voted for Hillary. It is Islamicly unacceptable to vote Democrat. But anything that makes people uncomfortable is branded as “hate”, and this was what the media was doing.

Kid…I have one word of advice for you. Never believe the Media. Never believe “Political Experts” with their “National Polling”. Always pay attention to what the media doesn’t mention, as Nassim Taleb said: “generalizing the wrong particular and particularizing the wrong general.”

Take for example Michigan. It voted Democrat for a long time, but surprised all the “polling experts” and voted Republican. Why? Because I believe the Assyrian, Chaldean, Syriac, and Armenian voted for Trump. Plus Bill Clinton’s Kosovo War legacy affected the Christian Albanian, Serb, and Eastern European descendants who ended up voting for Trump. Many of your father’s friends from Michigan said to me: “my old parents never voted, but this time they voted because of Trump.

Kid, your own grandparents voted; who never vote, ended up voting. When I called home from Baghdad, your grandmother said, “I took your dad and went to vote”…They were very proud to cast their vote for Trump.

For Hillary, Saudi Arabia had become the largest ATM machine. A vote for Hillary meant a vote for the Saudis. Hillary’s victory meant a Saudi victory. It was “political prostitution” and “capitalistically ethical” for a foreign nation and lobbyists to raise money for an American election. Washington had become corrupt as Baghdad.

As I’m writing this letter to you, I’m sitting in Baghdad watching anti-Trump demonstrations taking place across America. True they have the right to demonstrate, but this type of protest only happens in corrupted nations where the elections are rigged. But in America the election was fair. Those demonstrators voted, and the president was elected. They have no reason to demonstrate. They are destroying America.

Hillary’s supporters were beating Trump supporters. Literally. They were dragging people from their cars and beating them for supporting Trump. One CEO asked Trump supporters to resign from the company. It reminded me of Saddam’s days, scared to say: “I support Trump”.  It made me feel like Saddam’s intelligence heard me curse Saddam. It was like that one night when I was your age in Basra, we were sleeping on the roof of our house, your grandmother took your aunt and me and ran away because your grandfather started to curse Saddam loudly and neighbors were hearing him. Saddam’s people could’ve killed us because of that. We lived in fear of expressing our political view. I vowed that when I come to America, I would never live in fear of expressing my political views.

My child…never live in fear of expressing your views. When Trump won, I was ecstatic. I couldn’t stop from showing my excitement on Twitter and Facebook. I even changed my profile picture on LinkedIn to President Trump.

Believe in what you do. What the people didn’t realize is that Trump was the definition of anti-fragile, the Hydra of the Greek mythology. The more the media slaughtered him, the stronger he got. He was the living embodiment of Gandhi’s famous saying: “First, they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”…and I added…”Then you inspire them!”



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