Why is Important to Say “Radical Islam”?

An Iraqi Muslim Sheikh and a former parliament member is answering the question of: why is important to say ‘Radical Islam’, in his message to Trump.

The message recipient is Trump; nonetheless, I believe the idea contained in sheikh’s post is critical for our American politicians, policy makers, and to an informed American citizen. A voice within the Islamic religious society started to emerge. It’s an important sign. It is important to amplify these voices. 

I chose to translate this message for a few reasons. I will explain them in my take on it.

Sheikh Ayad shared the message on his Facebook page. It’s not a manifesto, though a manifesto could be built on this idea.

The screenshot is the Arabic version of the sheikh’s Facebook post. This is my personal literal translation of the post without paraphrasing.

I will introduce the Sheikh further after his message.

A message from Ayad Jamal Aldin to Trump to Spread Secularism Post

 To Donald Trump, May Allah Grant Him Victory …

 If you want to stop Islamic terrorism, you must activate the role of the “Security Council.”

 Issue resolutions from the Security Council to consider “Political Islam” a principle that is more dangerous in destruction than Nazism and Communism.

 Issue resolutions from the Security Council that oblige the Muslim States to impose secularism

 Any Islamic state that rejects the application of secularism, must be expelled from the United Nations, prohibited from dealings, and be considered the epicenter producer of “Islamic Terrorism.”

 Dear Trump, I’m sure that all the Muslim rulers “with the exception of Iran,” will thank you for imposing secularism on them, their countries, and their people.

 Dear Trump, there is an Arabic aphorism that applies to the Arabs and the Muslim rulers,

 “He is craving it, yet shy asking for it”

 They (Arabs and Muslim Rulers) love Secularism and fear its consequences. Thus, force it on them.

 As for Muslims, those people are coteries of unemployed people.

 Yesterday, they were communists and nationalists during the Communism and the Nationalism Tide.

 Today, they became Islamic Militants.

 And tomorrow, Muslims will turn to something else.

 Stop broadcasting all religious channels including Sunni’s and Shiite’s, and ban broadcasting Friday sermons. With this, Muslims will change gradually.

 Dear Trump, I’m pessimistic from the appearance of another Muslim Ataturk.

I hope that you will be a global “Ataturk” impose secularism with force on all Muslims.

 Thank you!

 Dear Trump, the biggest mistake committed by your predecessor is;

America’s quest to spread Democracy and Freedom in our country, before spreading Secularism.

Secularism first!

 And impose the principle of “Equality” between the Muslim and non-Muslim…That is the key to eradicating Islamic Terrorism.

End of message

If an American/European white guy made the following statements in America, he would be called a racist, a bigot, a right-winger, or an extremist – no doubt! 

Who is Sheikh Ayad Jamal Aldin?

Sheikh Ayad is a religious Shia scholar and a former Iraqi parliament member in new post-Saddam’s Iraq. He was born in the city of Najaf, one of the holiest places for Shi’a Muslims and epicenter of religious studies, and become an Ayatollah. Najaf is considering a major political power in Iraq.

Sheikh Ayad survived four assassination attempts (wiki Arabic) for going against the religious establishment. Even though sheikh Ayad is popular in Iraq, he couldn’t be a major player in Iraqi politics because he doesn’t own an armed militia like major Iraqi political/religious parties.

I understand (and I believe as well he is aware of) that history taught us that suppressing religion is a bad idea. It does not work. The spread of Christianity is a prime example. However, American was able to stop the spread of Nazism and Communism ideas.

Here is a YouTube with English subtitle for sheikh Ayad Jamal Aldin on an interview with a major Arabic News channel al-Arabiya asking to impose Secularism by force.

My Short take on the subject 

In Arabic, “Political Islam” is tantamount to “Radical Islam”. Many American politicians refuse to name “Radical Islam” as America’s enemy.

Sheikh Ayad explained with perspicacity gained from being a politician and a lifetime learner of Islamic theology the need to name “Political Islam” a principle. Then, America could fight it globally.

I understand (and I believe sheikh Ayad is aware was well) history taught us that suppressing religion is a bad idea. It does not work. The spread of Christianity is a prime example. However, America was able to stop the spread of Nazism and Communism ideas.

Don’t regard his idea as a ridiculous proposition. A Dutch political party leader Greet Wilders explained in his book “Marked for Death” the many political steps that the Netherlands has already taken against the expansion of “Political Islam”. It is time for America to consider implementing similar policies.

Religious TV channels remain broadcasting anti-Christians, and anti-Jews ideas from Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt, yet flogging bloggers or expelling from universities. For example, the Egyptian Abd el-Kareem Amer was expelled from al-Azhar University in 2006 for writing a blog that supported freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and women’s rights. And the Saudi Raif Badawi convicted of “insulting Islam” and sentenced to 1000 public lashes. Even worse, the cretin Stone Age ruler of Saudi Arabia decided to sue Twitter users that compare Saudi Arabia’s death penalty policy to ISIS.

Iraq has been an example of spreading Freedom and Democracy in an Arab state. Freedom in Iraq caused political chaos that triggered civil wars. Democracy converted Iraq to a religious state.

Imposing Secularism on Arab states. For example, currently, all Arab state teaches religion in high schools as a mandatory subject. Generations of kids and young people are inculcated with Islamic studies. Concepts that remain to teach Christians, Jews and unbelievers are infidels. Just imagine a radical/fundamental Islamic teacher promotes his extreme ideas to kids in classrooms in Arab countries in the present time.

Arab states’ economies depend on American aid. America could harness these aids with stronger stimulations. Trillions of dollars (collected from American taxpayers) to aid Egypt, Jordan, and the safety of Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries depend on American protection. America can demand an educational reform for a start.

I translated this message for the American politicians to show that voices like sheikh Ayad do exist in Muslim religious scholars in the Arab world. Those voices need to be amplified. 

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