A Quick Prescription to Eliminate Islamic Terrorism

Ayad Jamal

What would happen if there were terrorist’s attacks in America or France equivalent to the number of attacks happening in Iraq and Syria?

Well in the land of Democracies, two teenagers paralyzed Boston with their attack on the Boston Marathon. One minor terrorist operation (compared to America’s 9-11 events) caused France to declare a state of emergency and close their borders. That long-standing solemnity of French Democracy evaporated…in one day…from one attack.

So how can America and Europe stop this menace from spreading further and/or ending up next on American streets?

I published a post titled, “Imposing Secularism to end Political Islam” last week regarding Ayad Jamal Aldin, a religious Muslim scholar. It was a translation for his idea of why it’s important to impose Secularism on Arab nations before attempting democracy and the accompanying freedoms.

It is worth emphasizing again that if an American/European white guy made the following statements in America, he would be called a racist, a bigot, a right-winger, or an extremist – no doubt!  

Back to the blog.

This is another Facebook post published by Ayad Jamal Aldin on his Facebook account offering his own view on how to end Islamic Terrorism.

The screenshot is the Arabic version of the sheik’s Facebook post. It’s my personal and literal translation of the post without any paraphrasing.

A Quick Prescription to Eliminate Islamic Terrorism


A Quick Prescription to Eliminatea) Ban the teaching of religion subject in schools.

b) Ban the teaching of Islamic history.

c) Convert 90% of mosques to public libraries, sports clubs, coffee shops, or anything else.

d) For each million people, only one religious man.

e) Cancel all religious media.

f)  Distract the people with sport and especially football.

The experience in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Yemen proved that “granting freedom” to these people is like granting Freedom to AIDS or other viruses.

Freedom is for human.

Freedom is not given to the people who want to “Arbitrate the Law of Allah”.

Freedom is not suitable for “Islamists”.

“Islamists” are enemies of Freedom and Humanity.

“Islamists” are more dangerous than any virus on the existence of humans.

How do some people in Europe calling to grant Freedom to the Islamic destructive viruses?

The slogan of the Holy Imam Ataturk when he imposed “Secularism” by force was “Against the People for the People”.

The Great Ataturk has spoken the truth.

End of Translation

To understand the reasoning behind sheikh Ayad Jamal Aldin’s points, a little history is needed:

Religion remains a dominant force to control a population in the Middle East. People are receptive and docile to religion. Understandably so, it’s the birthplace of three major religions. Islamists were able to inculcate and control the majority of the population through proselytizing of religious studies in public schools and universities.

Secular dictatorships like Hussein, Gaddafi, and Mubarak tried to contain the rise of the Islamic current. After these secular dictatorships were toppled, Arabs got their chance to try democracy and freedom of expression. That freedom gave a space and an open environment for all these Islamists to exercise a pervasive influence over people.

After eight years of failed attempts to help spread democracy in Iraq, America tried another approach. America stepped aside and allowed the Iraqi government to run its own affairs.

Some might say, “It was the right decision”, some might disagree. In either case, it was a real test for true democracy without outside influence.  That resulted in ISIS entering for three years  of occupation (so far). Retrospectively, America’s exit decision from Iraq certainly appears to have been a historical mistake also.

To sum it up, America’s history in Iraq took unexpected turns, interfering in Iraq was a mistake; exiting from Iraq turned out to be a mistake also.

Arab Countries

Libya and Yemen became failed states. And after five years of (thus far, unsuccessful) war in Syria, why are America and Europe continuing their efforts to topple a secular regime led by Bashar al-Assad?

If America’s continues on the same historical trajectory in the Middle East, she will be dragged into another quagmire. And more people will die.

Not only had the “spread of democracy” destroyed countries the Middle East, it has accelerated the rise of Islamic current in the Arab countries. It converted secular countries to religious states.

For example, I personally have witnessed, firsthand, the transformation of Iraq from a secular state to a religious one. I remember te Iraq of the 1980’s ; and I can see the present Iraq. The number of mosques and the number of veiled women exponentially increased. Iraqi Army tanks and armored vehicles are decorated with religious emblems. Iraqi Muslims cannot own bars, nightclubs, or liquor shops. They can still be found in Iraq, but only a non-Muslim can own them.

But why should an American care about all this? They have no reason to care. Until another San Bernardino mass-shooting terrorist occurs in the next building or across the street. Then America will scream the same “Whys”. Why is this happening in America?

Well….Babies born in 2001 somewhere in Saudi Arabia, Libya, or Egypt, are 15 years old by now. Many were raised with hatred in their heart against America, and inculcated with a religious belief to hate Christians and infidels. Ak-47s are their toys. Which one of them might lead the next terrorist group, or be the next Osama bin Laden-like leader, or Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

As I wrote previously, my main reason for translating this post is to amplify this Arab Muslim voice. Its echo must reach American politicians and policy makers. It’s important to listen and consider these ideas. 

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk forced secularism on people and made Turkey a secular nation. Can we try this same approach?

The crux of the matter: As I noted earlier, it is impossible to avoid being labeled, or even worse, avoid receiving threatening messages from people living INSIDE America for suggesting ideas similar to sheikh Ayad Jamal Aldin’s on US media.

By writing this, I hope I was able to show one example from a Muslim religious scholar advocating the spread of secularism in Arab states.

And don’t wait until the next attack happens next door. Engage in a political dialog with your Congressmen and Senators about American Foreign Policy in the Middle East. Suggest Ayad Jamal Aldin’s ideas as possibilities.

Ending Islamic terrorism is our collective responsibilities.


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